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     FAODA is a Non-Governmental Organization “NGO” founded in 2001 as a committee affiliated to one of the first farmer's association created by CARE International in Fayoum, through a team of young promising and multi-expertise in El- Basionia area - Fayoum, who gained considerable experience of training provided by the project of the agricultural information for export (AgReform) implemented through CARE International.  

    As a direct result of success and excellence in the dissemination of thought of organic farming in the region through seminars, workshops and awareness campaigns which was one of its most important results the cultivation and exporting of several crops, that was encouraged to attract a group of researchers and experts in the field of organic agriculture to cooperate with the team to create a distinct entity to be the center for the disseminate the concept of organic farming from Fayoum Governorate throughout Egypt.

  • Where organic farming depends primarily on the resistance not on the treatment, FAODA has been keen to pursue safely ways to dispose of crop residues, through two important ways which are:

§  The first way: using crop residues and animal wastes for making organic fertilizer (compost).

§  The second way: Using some types of residues to produce handicraft products such as palm trees residues in general, through it, we are working to clean up the environment from the wastes which if left it on the aspects of the farms , it will become  nests for harmful  insects and pests.

  • FAODA added another field related to organic Farming and environmental handicrafts, which is eco-tourism, where it organizes routes for eco-tourism in Fayoum governorate to make the Eco tourist enjoy seeing the elements of : fabulous  nature for a day or two days to visit natural reserves, tourism attractions and areas of concentrations of environmental handicrafts, in the end of the tour they go to visit the  environmental village, which is an organic farm to enjoy eating traditional foods in the middle of breathtaking nature of Fayoum countryside.

  • And consequently, we find that FAODA  working through so-called triangle of tourism development, which its base is eco-tourism its two sides  are organic Farming and environmental handicrafts.

FAODA obtained its official registration no. 519/2003 in 23/12/2003.

FAODA is distinguished by:

§  Formation of an internal inspection team for organic farms under the supervision of an international body inspection which is the Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture (ECOA).

§  Establishing a department for inspection and monitoring of the organically registered farms through the list of basic system compatible with European quality standards which following the law of European Union for  organic farming EC 834/2007 and for the inspection of organic farms registered in FAODA and educate farmers on the best methods of agro organic, including biological control, as well as the extension 889 on the applications of agro organic law.

§  Establishing a special department for guidance, extension and technical support for  definition of the farmers of the importance of organic farming, training them on organic farming methods, manufacturing of organic fertilizers (compost), how to manage natural resources and how to get a high quality product.

§  Establishing a special department for marketing and quality control which  doing the export contracts, local marketing, agricultural contracts and Supervising the collection and processing, packaging, transporting and trading.

§  Providing all the requirements of organic production according to international standards, after doing the necessary field experiments in the members' farms.

§  FAODA  Permanently and continuously searching for alternatives of chemicals and pesticides, which working on the continuous support of the members to know the latest and most efficient types of alternatives.

§  FAODA adopts many of the general issues affecting the agricultural community and natural resources, such as covering  drains, lining the canals and water channels and disposal of environmental pollutants.

§  FAODA Offering trainings for  girls and women on environmental handicrafts through a  professional technical support team, improving their products and helping them in marketing.

FAODA's Fields:

§  Support registration, certification and inspection of farms and organic products.

§  Train farmers on organic agriculture techniques.

§  Provide organic and bio inputs.

§  Marketing and export of horticultural crops, medicinal and aromatic plants, Bees
  products and hand crafts products.

§  Preparing and implementing a package of training programmes in the areas of (Organic Agriculture - Handicrafts-Institutional capacity development and Eco hand crafts).

§  Agricultural extension by applying the correct agricultural practices (seminars, field visits -experimental).

§  Conduct awareness programmes to target groups (students and universities-farmers-
  extension workers-women).

§  Implement women empowerment's projects (handicrafts-micro credit-maternal and child health).

§  Provide marketing services with application of fair trade procedures.

§  Conduct researches and studies on organic agriculture, environment and eco hand crafts.

§  Implement the rights of the child and supporting the capacity of civil society organizations in child protection.

§  Raise awareness of the important of returning the culture of old popular kitchen which depends on usage of herbs; this done through establishing the first group an Italian Association "Slow Food" in Egypt .

§  Lead an advocacy campaigns in the areas of environmental conservation and environmental issues in the agricultural community.

§  Planning and implementing the eco-tourism and ecotourism integrationist.

The basic programs for the association:

    FAODA works to achieve the vision and the message of their own by working to achieve the overall objectives of the six core programs of the association that represents the fundamental objectives of the projects that are designed and implemented through the Assembly, which focuses primarily on the exploitation and development of the capacity of young people, and works to implement a system of Monitoring and evaluation based on the participation of target groups in monitoring progress in achieving the objectives and results (Result Based Management) in order to support the activities of planning, monitoring and evaluation Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation on the levels of various planning association, which concentrate on the contribution of activities in achieving the goals of basic programs and the extent of impacts on the achieves its Vision and Mission for the Society.


General Goals

Awareness and training program

·  Raise the public awareness to target groups (farmers/consumers) in organic agriculture at local and national  level.

·  Raise the environmental awareness of farmers and youth.

·  Raise awareness on the importance of environmental crafts.

·  Raise awareness in rural communities about how to deal with environmental tourists.

·  Raise awareness on a culture of healthy food security.

·  Provide technical cadres to support the organic movement.

·  Implement activities of advocacy and lobbying to support representation of collective interests of small-scale farmers and producers.

·  Provide training for lifting capacities of farmers and producers of handicrafts in marketing, costing and pricing.

·  The effective Informatic contribution in university degrees (master-
  PhD) in areas (OA-medicinal and aromatic plants-environment) by supporting practical side with member farms.

Registration and certification Program

  Provide registration and documentation services to the organic farms of FAODA members of small farmers and monitor the compliance of farmers applying organic farming practices in their farms.

Marketing program

·  Support marketing capabilities for small farmers and producers of the members of the Assembly.

·  Support the implementation of and participation in exhibitions and local and international markets for cultivation, and organic products and handicraft products to FAODA members.

·  Strengthen the capacity of FAODA in the field of studies, research and marketing surveys.

·  continuous work to open new marketing channels.

Work on marketing programs for ecotourism in the province of Fayoum.

Income generation program

·  Increase the income of target groups in the geographical scope

·  Raising technical and skills capacity of target groups in a number of Eco crafts in Fayoum governorate.

·  Providing financial services to FAODA target groups through
 micro-credit projects and small loans to implement income-
 generating projects.

·  Contribute actively in developing irrigation methods in Fayoum
 governorate and provide modern irrigation systems to the farms
 through micro-lending program.

Child protection in the agricultural community program

·  Raise awareness of child rights.

·  Opposition the worst forms of child work.

·  Enable the children's families through the provision of small projects.

Strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in the field of child protection.

Environmental development program

• Partnership between the Assembly and local, international  
  which interest on environmental issues.

• Publish environmental concepts in schools in Fayoum

• Dissemination of positive youth development concepts in 
  addressing environmental issues.

• Implement Initiatives to treat environmental problems.

Resources development program


·  Continuous planning to mobilize and develop resources to implement projects belonging to FAODA's programs.

·  Designing and writing funding proposals to support the implementation of the  objectives of the basic programs of FAODA.

Support good practices in managing volunteers the activities of the projects of FAODA programmes.





FAODA Programs

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 Fayoum Agro Organic
 Development Association

Address: El-Mohafza Buildings -
               Interance “A”

               Gamal Abdul-Nasser St.,

               Fayoum - Egypt
 TeleFax:  (202) 6330776

  E-mail: info@faoda.org



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