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FAODA Achievements



 FAODA Achievements (2007 – 2010)

• Increase the amount of registered lands organically through 400 acres to 1500 acres in
  district Yusuf El-Seddeik through cooperation with COSPE.

• Begin intensive training for students in agriculture in collaboration with public and private
  institutions thread MUCIA to form qualified technicians.

• Signing a protocol of cooperation with the Central Laboratory for Organic Agriculture to
  conduct awareness campaigns and promote organic agriculture concept, in addition to
  conduct training on the right practices of cultivating export crops in Fayoum governorate
  villages, and conduct training to farmers and extension workers on organic agriculture in
  Fayoum villages through national campaign for OA training funded from the EU.

• Participation in Organic 5th exhibition – Nasr City with COSPE Inc. and consultants North-
  South exchange NSCE from 13-15 April 2006

Signing of tripartite cooperation protocol between the Association and the Egyptian
  environmental education programme E3OP and educational Fayoum to educate students
  about the importance of preserving the environment (May 16, 2007)

 Activate the role of rural women of their effective participation in family income, this done in
  target villages in Fayoum governorate, through micro loans funded by  USAID.

• Registration some Member's farms to get certification and branding of NOP, JAS, and
  Naturland, in order to open new markets for the product in the US market

The association's contribution in activation to issuing organic agriculture legislation.

Conduct a training programme on organic agriculture for two agricultural engineer
  representatives of Saudi society of organic agriculture in Saudi Arabia through the
  cooperation with German Agency for technical cooperation gtz, (April 8, 2007 to May 17,

• Signing a protocol of cooperation with the Italian CISS for participation in the areas of eco-
  tourism and integration tourism.

• Signing a protocol of cooperation with each of COSPE Inc. and consultants North-South
  exchange NSCE in organic agriculture and handicrafts dated October 12, 2005.

• Sign cooperation protocol with a promenade in Fayoum for participation in awareness
  campaigns, to preserve the environment of areas bordering natural protected area of Wadi

• Participation in world environment day celebrations at the invitation of EEAA MSEA
  (participated in the 2007 Park Fustat and 2008 in Sakiet el-Sawy).

• Assembly has lobbied the advocacy campaign funded by Egyptian NGO Support Service
  Center for the protection of water against pollution in Fayoum governorate.

• Assembly has lobbied the advocacy campaign to activate special ministerial decisions to
  ban the use and chemical pesticides in agricultural production, funding from Vodafone
  through Egyptian NGO Support Center

• Coordinate and organize the first environmental awards Festival in Fayoum governorate.

• Oversees of 3 letters and 4 PhD MS in the fields of organic and medicinal and aromatic

• The Assembly nominated by the central laboratory for organic agriculture to train 1800
  farmer in Fayoum governorate on organic farming practices.

• Implement some of trainings on development the capacity building for some associations
  of CARE international organization which partner with first qualitative Union of associations
  working in organic agriculture.

• signed a trilateral cooperation protocol between the Assembly and all of the Japan
  International cooperation agency JICA and creativity and fostering talented association to
  set training program for the ladies to craft portraits aloregon for three months during which
  train number of 15 girls and women in
albsionih village, as well as train number of 28 girls
  and women in shakshouk- abshwai status in Fayoum governorate to the craft aloregon
  portraits by expert Japanese handicrafts (EKO).

• Preparation and implementation package of training on develop capacity building and
  human development to volunteer groups for admission to employment, for Assembly a
  distinct either Assembly or others

• The association is implementing now, one of the most important projects on the ground, it  
  is a sustainable development project for the village shakshouk with funding by European
  Union and under the supervision of the Social Fund for development, that through the
  national plan of development of shakshouk village under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Governor

• Adopted eco-tourism programme through partnership with the company's North-South
  exchanges and fair trade organization.

• Association is a member in Slow Food Italian association... The first convevium was
  configured by Assembly that in Egypt.

• Assembly is an permanent partner in Gallery Terra Madre, Italy ... First participation was in
  the third
exhibition and Conference Terra Madre 2008, organized by the Italian Slow Food
  Association in Torino from October 23, 2008 to October 27, 2008 as well as two members

  of the Board of Directors representatives Assembly delegation in the strategic planning
  workshop for Association Slow Food from 28 October 2008 to November 2, 2008 in the
  southern province of Tuscany Italy.


 Quantitative achievements of FAODA activities and projects



Governmental partners 7
Partner local civil society organizations 20
International organizations supporting FAODA 5
Projects implemented by FAODA 10
Farmers who were trained on organic agriculture in Fayoum 2000
Governmental agricultural engineers trained on organic agriculture 55
Non-Governmental agricultural engineers trained on organic agriculture 175
Organic farms managers trained on organic agriculture 25
Agricultural colleges students trained on organic agriculture 125
Representatives of Arab countries which were trained on organic agriculture 3
Women were trained on handcraft skills 120
Seminars launched  by FAODA 35
Workshops organized and implemented by FAODA 22
Conferences organized and implemented by FAODA 2
Festivals organized and implemented by FAODA 2
Participation in local exhibitions 10
Participation in international exhibitions 6
Beneficiaries of FAODA's financial services 102
Beneficiaries of FAODA's non-financial services 3000
Beneficiaries of FAODA's marketing activities 3000
Beneficiaries of  FAODA's technical support activities for organic farms 20.000
Registered organic farms through  FAODA 175
Organic farms area registered by  FAODA's 1500 acres




FAODA Programs

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 Fayoum Agro Organic
 Development Association

Address: El-Mohafza Buildings -
               Interance “A”

               Gamal Abdul-Nasser St.,

               Fayoum - Egypt
 TeleFax:  (202) 6330776

  E-mail: info@faoda.org



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