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Fayoum Agro Organic Development Association (FAODA)

FAODA is a Non-Governmental Organization “NGO” founded in 2001 as a committee affiliated to an NGO for farmers created by CARE International, through a team of young promising and multi-expertise in El- Basionia area - Fayoum, who gained considerable experience of training provided by the project of the agricultural information for export (AgReform) implemented through CARE International.  


Our motto .. Clean environment = healthy & safe food

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Users contributions


السياحة البيئية فى محافظة الفيوم

تعد محافظة الفيوم من المحافظات العريقة والقادمة من عمق التاريخ, حيث تحمل في ثناياها الكثير والكثير من عبق التاريخ والتراث المصري الأصيل  ....
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Organic Agriculture


Organic agriculture is a farming system based on the use of natural materials in biological agriculture instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides  ....

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     Non-governmental organizations
     Challenges and contribute
     to infrastructure projects


by: Ahmed Tawfik Nassim

I'm writing about my experience in non-governmental organizational learning, and in framework of supporting the exchange of experiences between NGOs, although this experience that I introduce it,....

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   Economics of organic agriculture

  "Registration of farms and companies"



by: Eng. Ahmed Taha

The main objective of organic agriculture is contributing to improving and strengthening sustainable development, where it means an Inexpensive tool to sustainable development, as well as free of any side effects may lead to  ....

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Fayoum in Brief

by : Eng. Seif Kamel

  Fayoum is unique for the rest of Egypt governorates for its temperate climate all the year and its long history, which extends into the depths of time to millions years, the civilization began with it in the Stone Age before there is a civilization and it had a prestigious position in Central State era, the twelfth family  ...

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Palm tree's mother

by: Eng. Mohamed El medany


Where I had grown up in nature embrace in charming Fayoum countryside which having scenery nature,  mild weather and moderate climate in most of the year , where I was always surrounded by green color which I really love it. so this green color has pushed me since I was young to sit a long time in meditation and reflection ....

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Fayoum Agro Organic Development Association gets the license of applying Passport to Success program (PTS) a life skills program of World Youth Program which applied successfully with more than 60 thousand youths in fourteen countries in different places.

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Signing a Protocol for cooperation
with Fair Trade Egypt foundation

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FAODA Programs

  Contact Information

 Fayoum Agro Organic
 Development Association

Address: El-Mohafza Buildings -
               Interance “A”

               Gamal Abdul-Nasser St.,

               Fayoum - Egypt
 TeleFax:  (202) 6330776

  E-mail: info@faoda.org



Shakshok Sustainable Development project


North South Consultants Exchange (NSCE)       Fair Trade Egypt (FTE)    Slow Food   Terra Madre


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