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Signing a Protocol for cooperation with Fair Trade Egypt foundation




Fayoum Agro Organic Development Association signed a protocol of cooperation with Fair Trade Egypt foundation. The delegation of Fair Trade Egypt foundation consists of Ms. Mona (the Foundation Director and Board member of global fair trade organization) and both Ms./ Zinat Mansour (enterprise product development officer) and Ms. Ekram Abazaid (corporate producers relations), conduct an official visit to the Association and handicraft producers groups in Fayoum and proposed places of ecotourism programs and some organic farms for Association.


The visit was ending by held meeting between representatives of the Fair Trade Egypt foundation and representatives of Association, Eng. Mohamed El-Medany (vice Chairman and general director of the Association) and Mr. Ahmed Tawfik Nassim (treasurer. Association). Also attend meeting Dr. Wael Fathy (assistant professor in faculty of quality education in Fayoum) and Dr. Muhammad Fakhry (full Professor in the faculty of quality education in Fayoum) representatives of development group of crafts from creative development association environmental caring, talented in Fayoum (main partner for the development of crafts in Assembly).


Dr. Usama Ibrahim (Professor, Faculty of Tourism and tourist hotels at Fayoum University and consultant Prof. Dr./Governor of Fayoum for ecotourism) also participated in this meeting.


In this meeting, core items of the cooperation protocol between Association and Fair Trade Egypt foundation was put in the contract, which aims to support environmental tourism system and environmental crafts development through improving the quality of products and also serves on the marketing of organic products and handicrafts.



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