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FAODA Services





  Services supported by FAODA:


- Support for registration, certification, and inspection of farms and organic products.

- Training farmers on organic farming techniques.

- Providing the supply of organic production.

- Marketing and export of horticultural crops and medicinal plants, aromatic and apiary

- Marketing services with the application of the Fair Trade.


- Preparation and implementation of training packages in the fields of organic agriculture, 
  Handcrafts, and institutional capacity development.

- Providing Agricultural guiding through the application of proper agricultural practices.

- Supply consulting services to FAODA members and supervise their farms.


- Awareness programs for farmers, agricultural extension workers, rural women, and schools
  and universities students.

- Women's empowerment projects (Handcrafts - micro credit - maternal and child health).

- Training of rural women, especially working on the profession of agriculture environmental

- Providing Capacity Development programs to the youth associations and male/female  

- Conducting research and studies in the areas of organic agriculture, the environment and
  environmental crafts.

- Child rights awareness programs and support the capacity of civil society organizations in
  the field of child protection.

- Raising awareness of the importance of the return of the old culture of the People's Kitchen

- Adopted the issues of advocacy and lobbying in the areas of environmental conservation
  and community issues for farmers.

- Planning and implementing eco-tourism and eco-tourism fusion.




 ● Products of Assembly members:


Assembly member's farms featuring with their best quality product of medicinal and aromatic plants, vegetables and fruits organically, that have an international fame, especially in the European and Japanese market, through a system of monitoring which led by a group of researchers and experts in the field of organic agriculture, beside the supervision of Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture (ECOA) to produce organic cultivation compatible with European quality standards in accordance with EU organic agriculture regulation (EC 834/2007).

Assembly also provide technical support to farmers and make them aware of the best ways and correct, including organic agriculture, biological control to get high-quality organic product, through a group of high level of expertise in quality control and supervision of the processing and circulation of the product.



Our production is characterized by high quality and high purity ... rungs The main products of our farms:


Arabic Name

English Name

Start-up production

 حبوب لقاح بلح زغلول وسماني

 Dates Pollen






 Marigold Flower

1 Marsh



1 Marsh



10 April



10 April



10 April

 حبة البركة

 Black cumin

15 April



1 May



1 May

 النعناع البلدي


1 May

 النعناع الفلفلي


1 May



15 May



15 May

 حشيشة الليمون

 Lemon Grass

1 June


 Bitter Marjoram

1 September



1 September


 Green bean

1 November



All year



All year


Our motto .. Clean environment = healthy & safe food




FAODA Programs

  Contact Information

 Fayoum Agro Organic
 Development Association

Address: El-Mohafza Buildings -
               Interance “A”

               Gamal Abdul-Nasser St.,

               Fayoum - Egypt
 TeleFax:  (202) 6330776

  E-mail: info@faoda.org



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