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FAODA Executive Team



1- Omar Mohamed El-Masry

Chairman of the board.

2- Dr. Mohammed Fikri Ali Metwally Technical advisor and head of heritage and handicraft department.
3- Reem Mohamed Kamal Accountant.
4- Rehab Mohamed Abdul Aziz Admin assistant and translator.
5- Maha Mohamed Mohamed Training coordinator.
6- Liza Monir Monitoring and Evaluation specialist.
7- Rabie Rafay Ali Storekeeper
8- Gamel Abdul Tawab Office assistant 

gro Ecology Practices and Marketing For Fayoum Small Growers 
 Executive Team




1- Mohamed Mohamed  El-Medany Project Manager
2- Ahmed Ibrahim Taha  Agro Ecology Technical Consultant
3- Sawsan Shawky Awad  Capacity Building Technical Consultant
4- Noha Mohamed Ali Management Assistant
5- Osama Ramzy Henary Capacity Building Technical Officer
6- Dalia Mahmoud Abdul Tawab Capacity Building Technical Officer
7- Mohamed Abdul Aal Saeed Capacity Building Technical Officer
8- Hany Samir Dawood IT Specialist
9- Amany Tawfik Nessem Financial manager and procurement
10- Rania Sayed Atef Project accountant
11- Sameh Mustafa Hafez Agro Ecology Technical Officer
12- Mohamed Abdul Tawab Abdul Kader Agro Ecology Technical Officer
13- Fatma Hamdy Mohamed Agro Ecology Technical Officer
14- Mustafa Medhat Zakaria  Monitoring and Evaluation specialist
15- Islam Mohamed Tayie Admin Assistant
16- Mohamed Hisham Mohamed  Communication and dissemination specialist
17- Raha Medhat Mohamed  Communication and dissemination specialist

Enhancing Farmers - Public Manager Dialogue Over District Level Water Resources Management
(NSA)  Executive Team



1- Ahmed Mohamed Kamel El Masry.  Project Manager
2- Mustafa Ahmed Ragab NSA coordinator.
3- Hany Samir Dawood IT Specialist

FAODA Volunteers





1 Manal Ramadan Hassan Ali Handicrafts and administration
2 Marina Victor Elias Antoun Handicrafts
3 Maggy Maher Youssef Amin Accounts
4 Asmaa Maher Youssef Saadawi Administration
5 Mohamed Ibrahim Saber Administration
6 Mohamed Kamel Mohamed Administration
7 Mohamed Amr Mohamed Administration
8 Ahmed Mahmoud Abdul Tawab Administration





FAODA Programs

  Contact Information

 Fayoum Agro Organic
 Development Association

Address: El-Mohafza Buildings -
               Interance “A”

               Gamal Abdul-Nasser St.,

               Fayoum - Egypt
 TeleFax:  (202) 6330776

  E-mail: info@faoda.org



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