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                FAODA began developing and disseminating agricultural thought and the applications in 2001, and continued for five years, the first five-year plan, which was implemented with extreme precision and intense focus, and with the second five-year plan that began in 2008 FAODA executed two sectors which are handcraft and Eco-tourism sector, as agriculture not limited to the prevention of Pesticides and chemicals use ,agriculture is a system With FAODA entry into the third five-year plan in 2013, the term “tourism development triangle” appeared , which is based on ecotourism, handicraft and organic agriculture, has emerged. 

FAODA has also diversified in the overall development sectors (health, education, youth employment) The second, specifically in 2010, is the first rehabilitation and employment unit for young people in civil society, which has so far contributed to the rehabilitation and employment of good numbers of young people of both sexes in distinctive places That’s why FAODA seeking to change its name in line with the new strategic planning while maintaining the logo that was known as (FAODA). After a study that lasted for quite some time, we changed the name from Fayoum Association for the Development of Organic Agriculture for Export and environment) to (Fayoum Agro Organic Development Association) and was submitted to the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Society received the official amendment in 2015 In addition, FAODA executed The first civil society recruitment unit in 2011, In the third five-year plan, specifically in 2015 and 2016, the first civil agricultural engineering unit in civil society and the first natural solar dryer for medical, aromatic, fruit and vegetable plants were also established in civil society. FAODA continues its achievements in civil society, especially in the rural areas.

Finally, wait for us, for (FAODA 2017 !!!!).

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