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FAODA has adopted the catholicity in working to achieve the third millennium goals through implementing effective activities to support the movement of organic farming and sustainable management of natural resources which aims at improving the living conditions of small producers of crops and organic products and their families and providing healthy safe food for consumers at national and international.


The advancement of agricultural society and the protection of natural resources.


  • Support organic agriculture movement in Fayoum governorate (production & turn over & consumption & marketing).
  • Support implementation of sustainable management methods methods for natural resources in Al-Fayoum governorate.
  • Working on improving living conditions of farmers and their families.
  • Support the activities of environmental education in the educational institutions and civil society organizations.
  • Support the Positive youth development activities in the agricultural community in Fayoum governorate.
  • Support the women empowerment in the agricultural society in Fayoum.
  • Support the fair trade practices and implementing innovative marketing techniques at the national and international level for the small farmers and their families products in Al-Fayoum.
  • Support the activities which aim at the environment protection.


The FAODA’s target groups are the following categories:

  1. Direct Targets:
  • Farmers.
  • Rural women.
  • Fresh graduates.
  • Students (faculties of agriculture & agricultural  high school & Primary and Prep schools students).
  • NGOs working in agricultural community development.
  1. Indirect Targets:
  • Consumers of agricultural products in ARE.
  1. FAODA Fundamental Values:
  • Members of the Assembly besides the executive board members are committed to support these values in  implementing FAODA activities:
  • Affiliation.
  • Respect.
  • Diaphaneity.
  • Integrity.
  • Excellence.

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