Lending achievements


The component’s overall objective: “improve the Egyptian families’ living standard and activate women’s role in society”

Productive society Project: 

  • Loan’s beginning Date: 1/7/2010 till now.

Loan’s value: The Egyptian Organization for small and medium projects provided a loan of 50,000LE to FAODA, its interest is 5% per a year payable for 18 months and the outgoing benefit is 9%, and then the loan’s value was increased to: 100,000LE.

  • Funded by: The Egyptian Organization for small and medium projects.
  • The project objective: Support efforts against poverty among families in Egypt with greatest need through the provision of micro-credit, facilities, direct and indirect financial services for youth and women who are able to manage income-generating activities in line with the best practices and applications in this area.
  • Target group: the greatest need families-headed families – non workers – Families which already have projects which need financing to expand its business- Families and youth who are working in craft and handicrafts area.
  • Target has been achieved: 110 clients till now.


Goat for women project: 

  • The Project’s beginning: 1/6/2006 to 30/6/2007the project isstillongoingby FAODA.

A committee has been formed in each village where it is responsible for collecting villagers for the acquisition of goat, and then they determined goats to be bought then they determined “Mini market ” where people who buy and sold were meeting and they determine goats’ price in addition to the benefit, and paid goat’s value through the project, then we collected its value through monthly premiums finally the project has got loan’s value for a period 24 / 36 months.

  • Loans number:
  • Funded by: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) under Foreign aid in 1961, according to the program’s frame work for small developmental activities.
  • Target group: committees were identified in FAODA’s villages.

Menshat Baghdad ….. Fayoum district

EzbetEL – Ghoul…Tamiya district

Kahk village …. Youssef El Seddeik district

  • The project’s objective: FAODA has bought 200 ewes and distribution to 200 families. Then FAODA buy 6 eweseach month and give them to new beneficiaries so, FAODA has contributed to increase the income of 260 families’ income over the project’s duration by providing goats for Women.
  • Activities which have been done: We have been achieved increasing of the exact number for buying, the total project’s beneficiaries’ number (299) during the grant’s specified year for FAODA (the project still continues till now).

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