CIEPE project


Contributing to Improving the Educational Process in Ezbet El Nassr Area (CIEPE) Project:

Applicant: Fayoum Agro-Organic Development Association (FAODA)
Duration: 12 Months (from 1\7\2014 to 30\6\2015)
The Project’s overall objective:
To contribute to improving the Educational Services for Ezbet El–Nasr Children.
SO1: To establish a model child club in Ezbet El_Nasr Area.
SO2: To build the capacity of the project team, kindergarten (KG) and extra-curricular activities animators and teachers.
SO3: To provide Ezbet El-Nasr pre-school children with improved educational KG activities.
SO4: To provide Ezbet El-Nasr 9:14 years old children with improved educational extra-curricular activities.
SO5: To raise the awareness of the children parents (mothers in particular) on educational and health care topics.

Target groups:
– 100 children (40 pre-school children from the age of 4: 6 years old, 60 children from the age 9:14 years old) in Ezbet El-Nasr.
– 20 KG and extra-curricular activities animators.
– 100 parents (mothers in particular).
The Project’s Main Activities:
1- Establishing a model child club.
2- Building the capacity of the animators/ teachers “the whole project team”.
3- Implementing KG and extra-curricular activities with the children.
4- Implementing raising awareness sessions for parents.
5- Identifying project work plan evaluation criteria.
6- A final conference for presenting the child club model to the society (civic and official).
Our News from 1/7/2014 to 30/10/2014:
– Selecting and hiring the project’s team members (Mainly from the area of intervention).
– Holding meetings for reading and explaining the project’s activities.
– Delivering trainings on: planning, report writing, designing the applications forms and the pre/post tests.
– Delivering a training to the KG animators on Maria Montessori’s
educational methodology (the daily program, the morning circle, and art principals)
– Receiving children applications (45 for the educational through art (ETA), and 60 for the KG)
– Having a cooperation protocol with the community development association (Sharq El Bassatien) in the area of intervention.
– Implementing ETA activities with 30 children in the One Classroom School in the area of intervention since the first of October 2014.
– Refurbishing the project’s new premises, and purchasing the needed furniture and equipments.

The Project’s achievements from November to December 2014.

– The project premises have been furnished and equipped and ready to receive the beneficiaries.

– KG children joined the project’s child club and started their study on November 8th. The enrolled children number was 40 and increased to 50 children.

 Target No.

Applications received

Accepted No.

According to the criteria

Waiting list


40 90 50                 10

The Kindergarten (KG) Activities:

– The project kindergarten adopts the sensual education methodology according to Maria Montessori approach.
– The KG animators also use active learning strategies e.g.: educational games, group work, songs, telling stories, acting, theatre, puppet show, drawing, painting…etc.

In order to attract the children and make them learn in a joyful environment, the KG organized 2 celebrations on different occasions: the start of the KG activities and both the prophet’s birth (Al Mawled) and the New Year’s Eve. The children also learn about the occasions during the celebrations.

The project’s KG organizes trips for the children so that they can get identified to the beauty of their country and practice their right to play and have fun. A trip was organized for the KG children to Al Azhar Park on December 28th, 2014. 28 children participated in the first trip.

The project’s KG believes in the importance of having good relation with the children parents, so the KG animators organize regular home visits to the children parents (one visit every two months) and a regular monthly meeting with the children mothers. Two parents meetings were organized in November and December 2014. A mothers’ committee was democratically elected by the mothers in the second meeting.

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