Handicraft project

Improving Income of Rural Girls

by Training on

Environmental and Heritage Handicrafts and Marketing them

   Improving Income of rural girls by training on environmental and heritage handicrafts and marketing their products, the aim of the project is to train & rehabilitate 75 girls who meet the unemployment criteria in villages in Fayoum, in addition to a group in Fayoum city, for 12 months. And contributing in raising their livelihood, through training & rehabilitating them on 5 Eco handicrafts for development, improving and marketing their products, in order to improve their their economy, also there will be a signing of production contracts between FAODA and them.

partner Association:

Biahmo development association.

The project’s achievements:

– A workshop for female trainees was established in Biahmo village.

– A factory for the production of natural soaps was established in Qouta village;.

– 8 females have been trained on manufacturing new kinds of natural soaps for 10 day.

– 10 females have been trained on fronds handcrafts for ten days.

– 20 females have been trained on the new models of palm branch solids (30 Training Days, 3 days per week).

– The training targets has been trained on the production of advanced models of fronds; 60 training days for a total of 39 women and girls.

– Training of 20 female targets on the sewing and embroidery (30 Training Day).

– Cross visits has been made to exchange experience.

– Visit the local community association at Dahshur in Al Giza in association with Jabra assembly of Egyptian treasures at Cairo.

The importance of these visits is represented in the exchange of experiences between craftsmen in Fayoum governorate and other governorates and to encourage positive element of competition which results in dealing protocols and partnerships for the exchange of technical and artistic expertise between the institutions, so everyone will get benefit.

– Training of 14 females on the communication, marketing, cost and pricing skills (8 days of training) at our assembly in Al-Fayoum.

– The whole trainees has been linked with the specialized marketing channels.

– The announcement of the project through brochures and banners.

palm Frond:

    It’s an old craft that works on making braids of palm fronds, the Egyptians were excellent at producing celebrated shapes in palm festival. FAODA mixed between those shapes and techniques with an new vision.

              Fronds is Eco-friendly 

  So, the project trains 7 trainees in Fayoum governorate on fronds craft in which they will gain the skill to produce developed handmade products of fronds as a heritage craft.

Craft of Embodied Argoon:

  Argoon is the part of the palm tree which carry dates, soak it into water and separate it, to deed many of the fabulous craft products.

              Argoon is Eco-friendly 

    So, the project  is working on training on 15 girls at Abheet village on Argoon, in which trainees gain the experience of producing handmade products of Argoon as a heritage craft, at the same time depending on market need.

Khous Craft:

    The production of Baskets and utensils dependent on the installation of lines at top of each others wrap palm fronds on rice straw or Sabat Balah in an architecture system.

              Khous is Eco-friendly 

   So, the project trains 30 girls in Al Aalam village on frond craft in which they will gain the skill to produce developed handmade products of frond depending on market need.

Craft of natural soap manufacturing: 

  The project works on training 8 girls in Quta village to produce new types of soap by using oils existed in Fayoum, such as ( Sesame – Castor – Aromatic oils) and a developed lab will be established to improve production quality.

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