RTSG project

Rehabilitation Technical Schools Graduates project



RTSG Achievements:

FAODA has got license for Passport To Success “PTS” application (life skills program for World Youth organization   which has been successfully applied to more than 60,000 young people in fourteen different countries, including high , public and private schools, technical institutes, faculties , training teachers, and civil community organizations that serve young people . The training had been through Nahdet El Mahrousa association; eng. Mohamed El Medany, eng. Ahmed Taha and Mrs. Sawsan Shawky had participated in that training and received a Certified Trainer license (Passport To Success).

Target group’s “PTS” trainings:

22 youth were trained on Passport To Success (PTS) and trained in Companies and factories. (January 2013)

50 students from technical Fayoum girls school on Passport To Success (PTS) and
sewing craft.  (January 2013)

50 students of Fayoum Agriculture military secondary school were trained on Passport To Success (PTS) and trained in farms and factories.  (February 2013)

37 technical diploma female graduates were trained on Passport To Success (PTS) and sewing craft in Bihmu village. (March 2013)

“RTSG project held training programs for the recruitment units’ officers”

RTSG project has implemented TOT training program for the recruitment units’ officers in girls technical schools and the boys agricultural military school from 25/11 till 17/11/2012, the trainer was Eng: Ahmed Taha “Training specialist, Environment and agriculture sector consultant. The training was very effective where the trainees were divided into two groups so that each group made a presentation and prepared  a training program.
The training program has achieved its objectives, which were represented in:

  1. Recognize how to deal with different personalities.
  2. Facilitation and presentation skills.
  3. Classroom training’s forms.
  4. Recognize Maslow and Confucius pyramids.

Then, RTSG project has finished entrepreneurship training program for the recruitment units’ officers in girls’ technical schools and the boys’ agricultural military school from 2/12 till 4/12/2012.The trainer was Eng: Mohamed El Medany “Training specialist and FAODA general manager”, where he explained many definitions of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur’s characteristics. In the first and second training days: he displayed entrepreneur’s success stories in Egypt and our society, in the third day: brainstorming and trainees displayed their strategic vision.

Finally,  RTSG project has finished proposals writing training program for the recruitment units’ officers in girls’ technical schools and the agricultural military school for boys.  The training was from 11/12 till 13/12/2012, the trainers were Eng. Mohamed El Medany and Eng. Ahmed Taha, where it was recognized how to prepare good proposals and its elements, in the third training day: the trainees has been divided into two groups to prepare proposals by following the training program steps, so that the first group has already introduced the idea of a proposal titled “painting on glass” and the second one introduced the idea of a proposal titled “compost production”.

“RTSG project held the coordinating workshop with the Education Directorate leaders”

FAODA with RTSG project’s team implemented the first coordinating workshop with the Education Directorate leaders on Wednesday, 26/09/2012 at 11 am and it lasted 4 hours, this is according to RTSG project’s activities plan to implement coordinating meeting with the education directorate leaders to establish recruitments units in schools, the project will establish unit in technical schools for girls and another unit in agriculture schools for boys in addition to recruitment unit outside the education directorate, it’ll be in Fayoum Agro Organic Development Association in order to ensure these units sustainability after the project’s end, this recruitment unit will be the main recruitment unit in the project, the other two units are subunits and effective model in  schools for the main unit, and the main unit will be the technical and institutional support for the two sub- units.

The Coordinating workshop aimed to review the project’s idea, brief, recruitments units and its aims to ensure the project’s continuity after the project’s end, also the workshop aims to determine the recruitment units’ rules and principles in schools and share rules and tasks between technical and agricultural schools representatives, the education directorate leaders and determine the selection criteria for the recruitment units specialists.

The education directorate leaders expressed their admiration of the project, their full readiness to implement this project and work on its success in spite of all the difficulties which might hinder the project implementation, also they’ll be ready to do everything to establish these recruitment units in a good way because it represents the main support to success the project also the recruitment units are one of the most important characteristic the proposal which submitted by FAODA to ensure the project’s continuity

  1. Mr. Ramadan Atef …..  Technical Education General Director in Fayoum.
  2. Ms. Wafaa El Beshehy ….  East management Education General Director.
  3. Mr. Mohamed Maged …..  West management Education General Director.
  4. Mrs. Nadia Zaki ….. NGO management Director.
  5. Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Abdul Kawy .. Educational services management Director.
  6. Some participating schools representatives in the project (Military secondary agricultural school and Technical school for girls in Fayoum.)

Determine the labor market’s needs in agricultural areas in Fayoum and craft products marketing centers for girls in Cairo to support the youths’ capacities for employment survey workshop 

          FAODA implemented a survey workshop to determine the labor market’s needs in agricultural areas in Fayoum girls craft products marketing centers in Cairo to support the youths’ capacities for employment on Wednesday 19/9/2012 and monitoring and evaluation consultant in human development field explained the labor market’s needs survey.

The workshop aims to present the survey objectives which are: Identify the labor market, determine the requirements should be available by the technical schools graduates in the future to be rehabilitated for the labor market, as well as works availability which will be suitable for the project’s target group.

This will be done through FAODA’s experiences in monitoring and evaluation field and evaluate the current situation results and outputs. FAODA is seeking through RTSG project to apply and determine monitoring and evaluation system’s results’ impact in developing similar projects interventions to improve business sector system in general.

      Results that have been reached (Survey Recommendations):

  • Youth nowadays were infected by inaction, laziness and frustration for everything passed upon during the previous stage such as targeting education destruction and its basics kill the creativity spirit for the youth and they lost the hope for the better future.
  • Also young people has a dependency view which summarized in the necessary of obtaining government position to ensure to him insurance, pension and treatment (he don’t have to attend his work) where they were signing the attendance sheet for another job or sleeping where they stay up till morning on Cafés where spread after the revolution abnormally.
  • Documenting learning lessons for institutional learning process of partner organizations in implementing the project’s activities.
  • New graduates are being ignorant with Laws regulating the relationship between workers and employers.
  • Young people known that the private sector doesn’t give good salaries, so they don’t like working at private sector.

The opening conference to announce the project of
raising the technical schools graduates’ capacities and rehabilitation them for the labor market

      Fayoum Agro Organic Development Association implemented the opening conference for raising technical schools’ graduates’ capacities project in cooperating with Nahdet El Mahrousa Association , Monday 6/8/2012 in the Fayoum Police Club, this project aims to lift the capacities of 300 young male and female of the disadvantaged technical and agricultural school graduates, and to qualify them for the job markets in Fayoum Governorate, the project’s duration is 12 months, the opening conference aims to announce the project and gain the officials’ support to implement the project in Fayoum Governorate , also to announce the project’s idea and how will the project implemented in the governorate.

The Conference activities:
The conference program included the following:

      The presence of Eng / Ahmed Ali Ahmed Fayoum Governor, he expressed his happiness to attend this conference also RTSG project’s idea, as well as the undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and the undersecretary of the Education’s  Ministry in Fayoum, General Director  of the  of Social Solidarity directorate in Fayoum, general director of NGOs associations in the Education’s ministry, General director of the workforce Directorate, Technical education managers, Technical and agriculture schools’ managers, some of factories and companies managers who relevant of the project, FAODA’s executive manager gave a speech on RTSG project’s idea ,  The governor expressed his happiness and his conviction with the project’s idea and he announced for an investor need 50 technicians  at his factory in Kom Oushem in Fayoum and he gave his guidance to his office manager to give the investor’s phone number to FAODA’s manager.

The conference’s objectives:

–   Introduce RTSG project’s idea and gain the governor’s support to implement the project in Fayoum.

–  Display the project’s idea and its objectives to officials and businessmen.

–  Achieve joint cooperation with factories and companies’ owners.

–  Documenting cooperation with the Education Directorate and NGOs administration.

Conference’s output:

  1. Gain Fayoum governor’s support and all involved sectors in the project.
  2. The governor recommended rehabilitating 50 technicians to work at clay brick factory in the industrial city of Kom Oushem.
  3. Manpower Directorate in Fayoum to get target group database and providing facilities.


Rehabilitation Technical School Graduates project’s summary

  • Foundation Partners:

Nahdet El-Mahrousa association,

The Master Card Foundation 

International Youth Foundation.

  • Owner: FAODA
  • Fund amount:  321.125 LE
  • Target Group: between 16 to 29 years old  in Absheway and Sensors
  • Number of beneficiaries: 300 young male & female graduated from Fayoum agriculture and technical secondary schools.
  • Project’s date: 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2013
  • Partners: Education Directorate – Factories and Farms owners – Businessmen Manpower Directorate in Fayoum.

The project’s overall goal:

Raise the capacity of 300 young male and female graduated from agriculture and technical secondary schools and rehabilitation them to the job market.

Interim goals

The first sub-goal:

Establish 3 recruitment units. The main unit will be established in (FAODA), another unit in agriculture school and another unit will be established in technical school.

The first interim goal activities:

Activity 1.1

– Coordinate with education leaders and targeted schools to view the project’s idea and determine the recruitment units’ members’ responsibilities and duties.

–  Select the recruitment units’ members through meetings with targeted schools.

– Train recruitment units to raise their institutional capacities.


Available specialized databases of recruitment units.

– Increase the institutional capacities of recruitment units’ officials.

– By the end of the project, the recruitment units will support providing  job opportunities for target group.

 Activity 1.2

–    Design databases outsourcing relevant information.

–   Raise the recruitment units’ members’ capacities through training workshops according to their needs.


–    Available recruitment units’ specialized database.

Activity 3.1

–   Identify technical and agriculture education labor market’s needs.

–  Determine the final form of the recruitment’s units according to the market study recommendations through workshop’s implementation.

By the end of the project, the establishment recruitment units will support providing job opportunities for the target sector in recruitment and income-generating projects’ field.


   The second sub- goal:

  • 150 young men and 150 young women in the targeted schools will be raised their awareness, training and rehabilitation.

The second interim goal activities:

Activity 1.2

–  Select the target group according to specific criteria.

– Implement rehabilitative trainings to the labor market and project’s management for the target group according to labor market’s study results.


150 young male and 150 young female will change their perceptions about the labor market and income generating projects.

Activity 2.2

–  Design training materials.

–  Implement practical training workshops to the rehabilitate target groups on crafts and industries according to market study’s results and determine needs.

young male and 150 young female  have been qualified according to the  labor market’s needs.


– Implement workshops for transferring information’s skills.

– Implement workshops for documenting indirect target group.


600 youth (indirect target group) was received information from the target group.


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