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FAODA success stories:

The main problem facing FAODA in achieving its mission, the lack of awareness among farmers, but it is possible to go beyond this limit and say: quite unaware of farmers in organic agriculture, this adversely affecting the environment from several directions as follow:

Farmers disposal of crop residues through burning it inside their farms, this pollutes the environment through the smoke, which causes black fume and resulting diseases of the chest,,, etc.

Leaving residues on the edges of the agricultural land, causing disease in existing crops through gathering insects and pests on those residues and then transfer to crops, which leading to using pesticide.

Farmers use pesticides and chemical fertilizers in over exploited, this because of their ignorance of the risks to their recovery packages on canals and channels, leading to severe pollution of the environment affecting all related organisms.

FAODA set strategy and have taken deliberate steps to reach the desired goal (sensitization and training farmers on organic agriculture in order to preserve the environment, public health) that’s through:

1- Signing a cooperation protocol with the Central Laboratory for Organic Agriculture to conduct awareness campaigns and promote organic concept and train cadres trained within FAODA on good organic practices in Fayoum governorate villages, and train farmers and agricultural workers on organic agriculture through national campaign for training financed from the EU.

2- Activate the role of rural women because of their effect on agricultural system through training and awareness campaigns.

3- Sign cooperation protocol with thread public and private institutions project MUCIA to qualify specials cadres of FAODA members by sending them to some EU countries in order to held specialized courses in different sectors, in agricultural areas as organic planting and marketing and drying products.

4- Cooperate with COSPE and NSCE Corporation in organic agriculture and handicrafts.

5- Signed a cooperation protocol with a promenade in Fayoum, from the participation in awareness campaigns to preserve the environment and also by registering FAODA for a group of organic farms in regions bordering natural protected area of Wadi El Rayan.

6- Conduct cooperation protocol between the FAODA and the Egyptian Environmental Education Programme E3OP and Educational Department in Fayoum to educate students about the importance of preserving the environment, through a partnership with the Egyptian Association for Environmental Education Program for schools.

7- The Association has lobbied the advocacy campaign funded by NGO support Service Center to the protection of water against pollution in Fayoum governorate.

8- FAODA hold advocacy campaign to activate special ministerial decisions to ban the use and handling of unsafe pesticides in agriculture funding by Vodafone through Egyptian NGO Support Center.

9- Supervised number 3 letters and number 4 PhD MS messages in the fields of organic and medicinal and aromatic plants.

10- An essential partner in world environment day celebrations, which participated in year 2007 in Fustst Park and in year 2008 in Sakeet El Sawi.

11- The Association has coordinated and organized the first environmental awards Festival in Fayoum governorate.

12- FAODA‘s contribution to activate organic agriculture legislation.

These steps lead to configure a working group within FAODA on a high level of experience and expertise in education, training, and organic farm registration, inspection and certification which stimulate COSPE to cooperation with FAODA in its farm registration through the Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture ECOA, and also stimulate professors in Central Laboratory for Organic Agriculture to choose FAODA a responsible for training farmers in Fayoum governorate on organic agriculture through national campaign for OA training funded from the EU, managing by Industrial Training Council and under the supervision of the Central Laboratory for Organic Agriculture, Agricultural Research Centre, leading to:

– Increase registered land organically through by FAODA from 400 acres to 1,500 acres status Youssef El-Seddek  through cooperation with COSPE.

– In forty days of training, FAODA trained number of 1800 farmer in Fayoum villages.

– The highest response of farmers of training was in Gabala village – sennorus where trained 100 farms before Ramadan last 10 days, forty of them did compost fertilizer made of crop residues.

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