(1) Overall care of eye health in community initiative: 

FAODA partner: Noor Al Maghrabi Charity Foundation.

              In accordance to FAODA strategy “Fayoum Agro Organic & Development Association” to develop rural communities and working to improve living & environmental conditions in Fayoum governorate. and in the framework of fruitful cooperation with “Noor Al Maghrabi Charity Foundation”, we plan to establish 15 Bio gas units at Fayoum villages (Biahmo – Abheet – Zawyet El Karadsa – Al Safraya

(2) RAMSIS initiative: 

FAODA partner: Mobinil & FAO.
In the framework of the fruitful cooperation between FAODA & Mobinil and FAO, we started implementation of (RAMSIS) initiative, where it aims to introduce an innovative Pilot Rural and Agricultural Mobile Information System (RAMSIS) platform as a mobile service to bridge the information gap that faced by Egyptian farmers, disseminate extension advices and agricultural advisory services, and improve overall productivity and efficiencies of selected farmers communities

(3) Schools initiative:

In the framework of the implementation of FAODA strategic Plan 2020, we started implementing unique initiative with the pupils in El Resala private school where the initiative’s goal is to identify the pupils with the fantastic elements of their governorate in the area of rural tourism through the implementation of the tourism development triangle that its base is Eco-tourism and its sides are Eco handicraft & agro ecology. Also Agro ecology team presented the practical training for pupils where they planted Molokhia by themselves in school’s garden with the assistance of Agro ecology team then they irrigated the garden after finishing the cultivation, Finally, Eco handicraft team presented the practical training on preparing handmade products made of palm fronds & Argoon


(4) Roof planting initiative:

Your Food from your Home:

In 30th April 2014, FAODA organized definition symposium in title:

“Roof and balcony planting “in culture palace, in Fayoum city, accordingly we established the first roof of the initiative on Doctors tower’s roof for Dr. Soliman Othman.

(5) School gardens (SAFE initiative):

FAODA partner: Mobinil

FAODA implemented a seminar titled “SAFE initiative opening seminar” which are summarized in the following:

  • How to get healthy food by school gardens planting organically of health green salad components as a model for getting healthy and safe food.
  • In order to Sensitizing school pupils “Egyptian families” with the importance of healthy and safe food.
  • Activate and develop the five senses for the pupils to distinguish between healthy food (natural) and chemical food.

*** Initiative’s activities:

This initiative started in cooperation with Mobinil on February 2013 in El Sadaka El Ferincia School, we started the initiative by forming the Agro ecology Committee from AG. Teachers and students, then implemented the cultivation activities…………. In 25th of June 2013 we passed by the vegetables market, we bought three types of fresh picking vegetables (Okra – Molokhia – Pepper) while we instructed Eng. Khalid … school agriculture teacher to pick the similar types in the early morning to ensure the credibility of the experiment.

The audience (agriculture school teachers – some school teachers with some students from the agriculture school group) focused while watching the experiment on how to use the five senses for differentiate between the organic and nonorganic vegetables which picked up approximately in the same time in the early morning to show the audience what will be the different like, by using the five senses (Sense of sight – the sense of smell – the sense of touch – the sense of taste – the sense of hearing).

We started the experiments after 12.30 to get an accurate result of differentiate between the Organic & Inorganic vegetable.

*** Passport to Success (PTS) Training:

In December 2012, FAODA has got license for Passport To Success “PTS” application ( life skills program for International Youth foundation which has been successfully applied to more than 60,000 young people in fourteen different countries, including high , public and private schools, technical institutes, faculties , training teachers, and civil community organizations that serve young people . the training had been done through Nahdet El Mahrousa association and eng. Mohamed El Medany, eng. Ahmed Taha and Mrs. Sawsan Shawky had participated in that training and received a Certified Trainer license (Passport To Success), the training’s beneficiaries are 159 Fayoum technical diploma male & female graduates trainees .

(6) Initiative of (knowledge is power):

Funded by: Fair Trade Egypt organization (FTE).

Target group: Illiterate women in Fayoum villages.

Target areas: Al Aalam – Ebheet – Nakalifa – Tunis – Shakshuk – Fedemeen – Barmaky – Alkaaabi – Beahmo villages.

Implementation period: From November 2012 till now.

The main objective: Literacy and learning new handicraft to provide monthly income.

Initiative’s results:

150 women have been erased their illiteracy in Fayoum villages.

  • 45 women have been erased their illiteracy in Al Aalam.
  • 45 women have been erased their illiteracy in Abheet.
  • 15 women have been erased their illiteracy in Nakalifa.
  • 15 women have been erased their illiteracy in Tunis.
  • 15 women have been erased their illiteracy in Shakshuk.
  • 15 women have been erased their illiteracy in Fedemeen.

(7) Artisans training initiative 2011 :

Funded by: Aid to Artisans (ATA).

Target Group: Artisans in Fayoum villages – Cairo, Giza, Aswan governorate.

Beneficiaries’ number: 1500 artisans from Fayoum villages – 550 artisans from Cairo and Giza governorates – 850 artisans from Aswan governorate.

Training materials: marketing principles – Cost and pricing principles

Project Area: Fayoum, Cairo, Giza and Aswan.

Implementation period: From 5th of March 2011 till 29th of October 2011.

The initiative executive duration: 8 months.

Total initiative’s beneficiaries: 2900 trainees.

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